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Pursuing higher education is one of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime. However, education expenses are always rising and can discourage bright, ambitious young students from pursuing that goal. For many families, the child’s abilities and potential for success greatly exceed the family’s budget. Grants, scholarships and loans can help lower the financial barriers that exist to attending college. But for many young adults and families college tuition still remains out of reach.

Although MCN seeks to lower the financial burden to obtaining a nursing education, it is not enough for many of our potential students and so they cannot take advantage of the paths which open for the college educated. We are always looking to the aid of Alumni, Faculty, Staff and the generosity of our donors to help pave the way for our students. We ask you to make a donation today, however small, to help fund the future of our youth.

Your donations can help provide books and equipment needed by our students. Or your generous contribution can help defray the cost of tuition and fees. Consider making a donation today, or even setting up a scholarship fund in your name for one of our students. A nursing education benefits so many in our community and society. Donate today.

Nurse Career is a Noble Profession

Those called to a nurse career are often said to be in a noble profession. The nurse must care for people in their darkest hours, often taking unfair blame and criticism from their patients. They must understand the emotional side of illness, and how it connects to the health of their patients. Nurses must be able to act in the best interest of their patients above all else.

Nurses give selflessly in their care for others.

Nurses care for their patients selflessly, often working long hours under grueling conditions to provide care. Nurses endeavor to provide excellent care, no matter what they are going through in their own lives. They have been called throughout history to provide care to the sick no matter the pay. They provide care to their patients because they feel called to do so.

Regardless of the setting in which the nurse works, the nurse understands that they will make a difference in the lives of her patients every day. The nurse may provide medicine to them when they are sick, or provide vaccinations to keep them well. A nurse may help school children, or help patients near death in a hospice setting. Providing excellent care to all of their patients, the nurse knows that they are making a difference in healthcare and in the lives of individuals. Helping someone every day to live a better life is often a great source of personal fulfillment for the nurse.

Nurses care for their patients selflessly.
Nurses care for their patients selflessly.
A great source of personal fulfillment.
A great source of personal fulfillment.
Your donations are vital to keeping the dream of a college education alive for our students.

Help support our program which is making a difference in the lives of nurses, patients, students, and the community .