Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you accept transfer credit(s)?

Any student who has completed courses at an accredited college or university may request transfer credit for general education courses only. Students must provide an official transcript listing the course(s) and a catalog course description from the college or university where the course was taken. Only grades of “C” or higher are acceptable for transfer credit. Nursing courses at other institutions are not eligible for transfer credit.

Does it matter how long ago my coursework was completed?
Yes. Science courses 10 years and older are not accepted. However, if you can prove advanced coursework or career use of the scientific information that supports your mastery of the content covered in the old courses, you may submit a petition to waive the requirement.

Do I have to complete all required coursework prior to submitting my application?
No. You may take as many of the required courses as necessary to fulfill your general education and nursing prerequisite course requirements during the terms you are enrolled at Millers College of Nursing. However, you are only allowed to have four (4) required courses remaining during the last semester of the year of degree completion.

Can I use Advanced Placement (AP) credits to fulfill prerequisite courses?
In order to receive credit for AP courses, they must be listed on official transcripts from a college or university you have attended.

I applied last year. Do I need to resubmit a new application?
Yes. While we do keep applications on file for one year, reapplicants are required to submit new letters of recommendation. Reapplicants are welcome to use the same references from the previous application, however, the evaluations and letters must be new. Additionally, reapplicants are required to submit updated transcripts only.

Where should I mail my transcripts?
Transcripts should be sent to the Office of Professional Admissions. One (1) official transcript for each post-secondary college or university you have attended should be mailed directly to:

Millers College of Nursing
Office of Professional Admissions
2151 Consulate Drive – Suite 10 & 11
Orlando, FL 32837

When are admissions decisions made?
Admissions decisions are made up to three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.

How long does the program take to complete?
The BSN program is designed to be completed in 18 to 20 months (this includes summer attendance). Please be advised that in addition to the nursing curriculum, students must also complete General Education requirements.

What days and times are the nursing classes?
Students should have the flexibility to allow for classes anytime Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Are nursing students subject to background checks and drug tests?
Drug tests and background tests are part of the admissions process.