Satisfied Students
“The Miller’s Review is the best, most clear and exceptional program I have ever participated in. It brought the information together in a way that I don’t just know it, I own it. I wish the program was offered a little longer but I know the information that I have received will be what makes me ‘One and done’ for the NCLEX.”
Kim K.
“The time I spent in class was a big help to me. Professor Miller uses a very practical and simple to understand method that helped me grasp the concepts and will help me remember them in the future. She’s been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Mi tiempo que pase en clase fue de mucha ayuda. La Profesora Miller comparte su conocimiento y esperiencia en forma amena y practica lo cual nos ayuda para un futuro mejor en nuestro campo.”
Edwin Rosado
“It was a great experience. I am an LPN from Puerto Rico and recently graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a Culinary Arts Degree. This experience along with the culinary, will put me right on track for my next degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. I just passed all the entrance and placement tests and will start in September. Thank you Mrs. Miller for helping me reinforce my knowledge and learn new things.”
Melisa Aponte
“Thanks Ms. Miller for your open mind, it facilitated the flow of the information and finally helped me become a nurse. Gracias a la SeƱora Miller por abrir mi mente y facilarme la informaciĆ³n y finalmente ayudarme en convertirme en un enfermero.”
Armando R.
“I’ve been an RN for 14 years. Mrs. Miller made me realize how much I had missed in Nursing School. Things came together for me and now I feel much more confident as I continue my nursing career.”
Tami Hamm
“I highly recommend this school and program as the best learning experience for the program I needed. The staff is highly knowledgeable and efficient and every need was filled and anticipated. Prof Miller’s teaching skills and the course content are outstanding and not only do I feel ready to re-enter Nursing after 18 years, I feel my knowledge and nursing skills have come together like never before.”
Lydia M. Andrew
“The experience was phenomenal! All of my what, whys and hows were answered. Prof Miller’s stories connected with drugs and disorders. I feel like I can now connect the dots and pass the exam. Thank you so much!”
Angela Sterling
“I attended Miller’s Nursing Review in order to refresh my nursing license after being out of the field for 13 years. Mrs. Miller was an excellent instructor, delivering the pertinent information in an easy to remember fashion. She is a wealth of knowledge. The entire staff is ready and willing to do what is necessary to enable success in the students. I highly recommend Miller’s Nursing Review for refresh, remediation or NCLEX review.”
Aimee P. Kincaid
“Mrs. Miller teaches with her heart, she explains everything and answers every question or researches the answer immediately, and she does it all with a passion. She opens your eyes and minds to the understanding of the material you already know, making it possible to answer the questions, either by simple knowledge or by searching your own brain to connect the dots and figure out what’s necessary. Therefore, you don’t feel the need to memorize everything because it all becomes second nature.”
Shelly, RN
“Through the grace of God and the help of Mrs. Miller, I took the NCLEX and was successful on the first try. I am now a Licensed Practical Nurse. I encourage the graduate nurses who have given up on taking the NCLEX, for whatever reason, please contact Mrs. Miller.”
Veronica, LPN
“My story ends with being a licensed Registered Nurse, something I thought would never happen. Today, a new chapter begins in my life and I would like to encourage anyone, no matter how many years have passed to continue pursuing their dream. Again, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Miller for all your support. Thank you for making something that seems impossible, possible.”
Scott, RN
“My wife is currently completing the course and I have had the privilege to review with her the curriculum, methods, teaching principles, content, and the practical application of the information provided. Mrs. Miller provides a unique, constructive, fulfilling, and fun approach to her comprehensive course. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone contemplating beginning or furthering their career in nursing.”
Richard Y. Feibelman, M.D. FCCP
“…And, for any nurse who needs to pass the NCLEX, go directly to Miller’s Nursing Review courses. Do not waste your time or money trying to beat the exam by simply learning test taking strategies. Revamp your content knowledge with one of the courses that Miller’s Nursing Review offers.”
Stephane, RN